VIET-CAM for Pigeons & Peacocks


PHOTOGRAPHY     Eliska Kyselkova

FASHION STYLING     Anya Oderyakova










Viet-cam_high res_Eliskys-20 Viet-cam_Eliskys-4 Viet-cam_high res_Eliskys

Published in the Pigeons&Peacocks magazine and Analogue Year Book by Isabella Smith

The series VIET-CAM is inspired by Vietnamese culture, where the tradition collides with contemporary technology.

In Vietnam, the contrast of modern and old is very tangible and the values of the young generation are changing. They see the world through lenses of iPhones, taking photographs of each special food or occasion. This phenomenon is expressed with the element of the exaggeration and humour, focusing partly on the connection of the traditional architecture, vietnamese nature and new technology.

This series reflects author’s memories while travelling in DaNang, HaNoi, Hue and Hoi An with the Vietnamese friend and taking photographs of her wedding and traditional ceremonies in the buddhist temples.

The project consists of polaroid photoshoots from streets of Vietnam, fashion images from London inspired by author’s experience and 35mm snapshot images from travels, which show some inspiration and complete the atmosphere of the series.

assistants of the photographer:
Shu-Wei Huang
Elena Rostunova

assistant of the stylist: Swetlana Brik

Jiyeon Kim
Thalia Phamova for Shiseido

Minkyung Sung Kang
Michael Moon

Cadao Nguyen
Quynh Chau Pham
Hana Tran
Haruka Abe
Hoai An Nguyen
Hong Ngoc Hoang
Lucy Feng
My Linh Tong
Ngan Vu
Shu-Wei Huang
Thu Tranova
Ying Trang Kasombut
Yunxiao He
Zeo-Huynh Ngoc Linh


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